Wednesday, April 22, 2009

S/V Latitude, 2009

Latitude Windlass
Stonington, CT
1/1250 sec at f/5

Latitude’s hard working windlass, used to raise anchor, sits proudly atop its well worn deck. Hearty congratulations to those who can provide a layman’s translation of the following paragraph (from Wikipedia): “The anchor is shackled to the anchor chain which passes up through the hawse pipe, through the pawl, over the windlass gypsy down through the spurling pipe to the chain locker under the forecastle. The bitter end of the chain is connected to the anchor bit using the bitter pin, which should be releasable from the outside of the locker to "slip" the anchor.” For more info visit:

Latitude – Sunrise
Off Port Jefferson, NY
1/500 sec at f/14

An early start on Long Island Sound gave the sun a chance to make Latitude’s teak glow. Long Island sound was known as The Devil's Belt in Colonial Times and the stone reefs that run across the sound were known as Devil’s Stepping Stones. According to Siwanoy Indian legend, the tribe used warriors, medicine, and magic to chase the devil out of present-day Westchester County onto City Island (formerly Greater Minneford Island), surrounding him at Belden Point. The devil then picked up huge boulders and tossed them into Long Island Sound, using them as stepping stones to make his escape. The natives named the rocks, "The Devil's Stepping Stones". For more info visit:

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