Sunday, March 28, 2010

Times Square, NYC 2010

Times Square
8 sec at f / 18

Looking south on Broadway at W46th Street. The gentleman on the right side of the photo stepped in right before the shutter closed, adding a ghostly human element to the photograph. This, in addition to the moving taxis, speaks to the transient nature of Times Square. There are 9 subway lines that run beneath Times Square and approximately 97,617 people will use the Times Square Subway Station today, Sunday May 2. For more info visit:

Times Square Manhole
4 sec at f/22

A wet sidewalk reflects vivid color from the animated billboards and lights of Times Square above. Times Square was named Longacre Square until 1904 when the NY Times took residence in a newly constructed skyscraper on the corner of 42nd Street and convinced Mayor George McClellan to rename the area. Around the Revolutionary War, the area was surrounded by countryside used for farming and breeding horses. For more info visit: